Kid's Corner

In Topdiver we understand that the integration of the machines in the environment is fundamental, providing a clearly identified play zones, creating spaces where fun flows in an original, exclusive and dinamic area. This is why our design team offers you the possibility to carry out the project that better fit your needs.

Platforms Characteristics:

· Electrical safety.

· Visual cleanliness: the wiring is hidden under the platform.

· Power point hidden within the decorative figures.

· Multiple layout options.

· Accessibility ramps for all audiences.

· Anti slide design.

· The machines are fixed on the platform.

Square Kid's Corner

Square Kid's Corner 2

Deluxe Rectangular Kid's Corner

Kid's Corner + Themed settings


Corporative Kid's Corner

Deluxe Rectangular Kid's Corner 2

Deluxe Rectangular Kid's Corner 3

Corporative Color 'Welcome Kids'

Access Area

Oval Kid's Corner

Travelator Zones